Hi, I’m Amsul.

February 15, 2014


Ahh relieved. Much better. I did it. I finally took some time out to tweak my website to be easier on the eyes. And then I sprinkled some emoji on it sparkles. (I’m definitely going to abuse this.)

There’s a few more changes that will be coming here soon. But before I get into that, I’d like to announce: pickadate.js 3.4.

This release comes loaded with a full set of new features and bug fixes – most notably: ARIA support.

To meet WCAG 2.0 is something many people requested. Today, I’m proud to say, it has landed! So I highly recommend upgrading to this release.

But there’s much more…

The changes in v3.4 are just some of the things I have been meaning to implement for a long time. There’s still a long list of plans I have for my OS projects that sadly keep getting postponed. Finding the time and motivation can sometimes become a bit of a challenge.

In an effort to put them into action, I’ve decided to make some changes around here that will hopefully allow me to focus on them some more:


Firstly, I’m starting the transition of moving my notes on random tips and future roadmaps into a Notepad here. The idea is to share my thoughts in order to get a conversation going on whatever topics. The first thing I added are my reference points on working with ARIA.


And secondly, I’ve added (and will add to every OS project of mine) a link to help support development. There was the option for ads – but I truly hate ads. And I do put a lot of care and thought into everything I release. If I am to get something positive out of this effort, I’d like it to be based on it’s merit.

So if you feel ever so pleased or helped by something I have written/released and would like to help me bring my plans to fruition, you can now show your support.

Live and learn

This is very much an experiment born out of learning from my past mistakes. I’d like to thank contributors and mentors who have helped and taught me valuable lessons along the way. I hope to be delivering lots more awesomeness v.